Progressive Caucus Budget

Did you ever wish there were champions in Congress offering up better ideas than draconian Republican austerity or corporate Democratic mush? Well, there are. The Congressional Progressive Caucus, a highly diverse, 70+ member group of House Democrats, just unveiled the populist, progressive People’s Budget. Congress will vote on the People’s Budget next week, and Daily Kos has banded together with a big coalition to try and get over half of all House Democrats to vote for it: Sign the petition by Daily Kos and a wide coalition of allies in demanding that Congress pass the Progressive People’s Budget. The People’s Budget would, among other things:

  • create 8 million new jobs
  • create universal pre-K and debt free college
  • raise the minimum wage
  • repeal the Bush tax cuts
  • allow states to transition to single-payer health care
  • close loopholes that allow corporations to evade their tax liability, and
  • stronger paths to equity for communities of color.

Congress will vote on budget proposals next week, and Republicans will be pushing more devastating cuts. We expect it will be ugly, which is why the People’s Budget is so crucial. If we can get a majority of House Democrats to vote for the People’s Budget, it will send a powerful message to the 1% that a new populist movement is on the rise. Please join Daily Kos and a coalition of allies in supporting the People’s Budget. Keep fighting, Paul Hogarth, Daily Kos

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Author: californiacrone

LMFDC President

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