Get ready to work at our November meeting! | Saturday of action! | Local candidates need your help! | Watch out for those Republican lying liars!

For our next monthly meeting, Wednesday, we’re putting you to work. By then, elections will be nearly a week out, and plenty of people still will not have voted. So we’ll use that time to get out the vote for local Democratic candidates.

Join us for a night of postcard writing, phone-banking, and text-messaging to get out the vote and get a blue wave sweeping over East County, washing in good government and washing out the MAGA grifters and haters. We’ve asked local candidates to send us their lists and we’ll get to work on their behalf.

We’ll also hear from La Mesa Mayor Mark Arapostathis, incumbent running for re-election and endorsed Democratic Party candidate.

Join us Wednesday Nov. 2—that’s next week—at 7 pm at the usual place, the La Mesa Community Center, 4975 Memorial Dr. And come a half-hour early for social time with your fellow Democrats.

Saturday is a day of action. Well, a morning of action at least.

Join your fellow Democrats Saturday at 10 am at Collier Park, 4401 Palm Avenue, La Mesa, to walk on behalf of local candidates. We’ll knock on doors, leave literature, and ask people to vote. We’ll be joined by California Assemblymember Dr. Akilah Weber, who represents La Mesa and surrounding communities. Dr. Weber is a former La Mesa City Council member, and former member of the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club board.

All you need to do it show up ready to walk. You’ll get a list of houses to ring doorbells, door-hangers, and everything else you need. The lists are short, so you should expect the walk to take about two hours.

Are we asking you for money AGAIN? Yes, I’m afraid we are.

Please donate to help Democrats win! We’ve got La Mesa Republicans running scared, and they’re carpet-bombing La Mesa and surrounding communities with lies. We need your financial support to get the truth out.

La Mesa Dems have recruited a full slate to run for office this cycle in La Mesa. Republicans are so freaked out by this that they sent out mailers claiming that THEIR candidates are Democrats. Seriously, that’s what the Republicans are doing.

To counter these lies, we’re sending out our own mailers, as well as texts and Google ads.

The Google ads in particular have been very effective—but we are running out of money. We need another $2500-$5k to pay for ads the next couple of weeks.

Democrats tend to wait until the week before the election to mail in their ballots. The Political Data Inc. (PDI) tracker for the City of La Mesa confirms this: as of October 25th, only 8% of La Mesa voters have turned in their ballots.

To collect additional funding to keep getting the word out, we’re using the campaign website of Matt Strabone, who’s running for La Mesa Treasure:

Please donate what you can as soon as you can.

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