MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Next Meeting 2/6 With Local Radio Personality Ted Leitner

Ted will join us Wednesday evening Feb. 6; the longtime sports personality and talk radio host will talk sports, politics and more in a freestyle evening. Join us 6:30 pm for socializing and 7 pm for programming at the La Mesa Community Center, 4975 Memorial Drive, La Mesa, CA.

Leitner has been the voice of the San Diego Padres for 39 years, as well as the voice of SDSU Aztec football and basketball. He’s also called games for the Chargers, Philadelphia Eagles, San Diego Clippers and many other teams.

He was nightly sports anchor for KFMB-TV, and also hosted a non-sports radio talk show where he opined freely on politics and butted heads with a conservative program director and fellow talk show host Mark Larson.

Leitner peppers his stream-of-consciousness broadcast style with anecdotes about Ray Charles, Mickey Mantle and Jerry Lewis.

Read more about Ted in this 2017 profile in the San Diego Union-Tribune — and come see him in person Feb. 6!

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