Join us Wednesday: In person if you can, virtually if not

We’re trying something different for Wednesday’s meeting: We’re going to try to stream live video of the meeting over the Internet, using Twitter specifically. If all goes well, just go to the club Twitter account, which is here:

tomorrow – Wednesday, March 4 – at 7 pm, and you can watch the proceedings live.

You don’t need to create a Twitter account.

We’ll be talking with a panel of local experts and luminaries to break down and analyze the primary results, with a focus on local races and what it means to our members. Find out more about the meeting, and other club goings-on, on our blog: Meeting Wednesday | Unity breakfast | RIP club co-founder Beverly Cassirer

Some of you may remember that we streamed meetings live in 2018 through early 2019 on Facebook, but that wasn’t working. Hopefully, this will work. Help us with the experiment, and let us know how it goes; email me at

It’s better to actually come to the meeting of course; you get to meet with your fellow Democrats, see the presentations live, and enjoy our delicious snacks (love those turkey roll-ups!). But we know that many of you can’t make it in person; hopefully this will be an alternative.

Social time starts at 6:30 pm, programming at 7 pm, and the location is the spacious La Mesa Community Center at 4975 Memorial Dr. in La Mesa – everyone is welcome!

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