2022 Endorsements

Don’t be misled! Republicans are mailing out flyers falsely claiming that their candidates are endorsed by Democrats. Yep, they’re just flat-out stating falsehoods, claiming Republican candidates are the Democratic choice, and piously proclaiming support for diversity, reproductive choice, and climate protection—values that the Republican Party just plain opposes.

You may have received one or more of these flyers in your mailbox. Just ignore them.

Here are the actual, endorsed, Democratic Party candidates in local elections, for La Mesa, El Cajon, and Lemon Grove:

US, State, and County Endorsements
Congress: Sara Jacobs
Assembly: Akilah Weber
Supervisor: Nathan Fletcher

La Mesa
City Council:
Patricia Dillard, Mejgan Afshan
Mayor: Mark Arapostathis
City Treasurer: Matt Strabone

El Cajon
Mayor: Arnold Levine

Lemon Grove
City Council: Alysson Snow, Jennifer Mendoza

La Mesa Spring Valley School Board
Caitlin Tiffany, Rebecca McRae, Brianna Coston

Grossmont Union High School Board
Jo Hart Lloyd, Jeanie Tyler, Nancy Jennings

Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Board
Desiree Klaar, Debbie Justesen, Brad Monroe

Grossmont Healthcare District
Gloria Chadwick

Helix Water District
Andrea Beth Damsky

Don’t see your elections listed? Here’s a bigger, broader, county-wide list, straight from the San Diego County Democratic Party: