Oral Health

LMFDC Member, Dr. Kirsten Roling, Launches Oral Health Coalition

California Oral Health Coalition For The Aging & Developmentally Disabled – Online

Join a national movement to prevent unnecessary pain and infection in our aging & developmentally disabled. The National Oral Health Coalition for the Aging &… is launching other states based on the successful California founding organization COHCADD.org. Start a state oral health coalition to promote equitable oral health treatment in the aging & developmentally disabled. http://www.ohcadd,org 

Dr. Kirsten Roling, President of the California Oral Health Coalition for the Aging & Developmentally…


COHCADD Call to Action about to hit 500 supporters, be a part of the solution. Overwhelming public support and outrage! Policy that affects our elders should be transparent and backed by science and public health analysis. Go to www.cohcadd.org and sign our letter today! Become a member, free to all who support the mission to promote oral health equity for our most vulnerable populations: aging & developmentally disabled.



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LMFDC President

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