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Be sure to attend our series of meetings “Stark Contrasts” beginning on August 3



STARK CONTRASTS between parties, Trump-ism vs the Common Good.  Never had we had a presidential referendum quite so delineated as this one, on almost every issue of national importance and discussion.   Our meetings will cover Gender Equity, Immigration Policy, Xenophobia, Climate Change and perhaps, most relevantly, Gun Violence and the Republicans inability to enact or accept meaningful Gun Reform

Our next meeting, Wednesday, August 3rd, at 7 PM at the La Mesa Community Center will feature an all-star panel of experts to discuss, dissect and divulge why the NRA has such a pistol-lock grip on the Republican Party, which even as we reel from the tragic events of the past few weeks, will not consider a renewal of the assault weapons ban, a limit on the size of ammo clips, enacting sensible background checks or closing the gun show loophole, all of which are wildly popular notions with the voting public.

Our panel will feature members of law enforcement, veterans and the Director of Public Outreach for the San Diego Chapter of the Brady Campaign, Ron Marcus

The San Diego chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence has been the voice of the national Brady Campaign in San Diego County for well over a decade. In the wake of so many recent tragic mass shootings, the chapter has grown rapidly, organizing into an even stronger voice for sensible measures to prevent gun violence. they believe in a balanced approach that ensures the rights of all to enjoy essential personal freedoms while maintaining a truly safe community.

Ron Marcus serves as one of many volunteers on the board of the San Diego Chapter of the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence. He became active in the chapter following the devastating Sandy Hook shooting tragedy. As Director of Public Outreach, Ron is responsible for marketing and media relations for the chapter, whose primary aim is to help reduce gun violence by educating the public and working with government at the local, state and federal levels.

Another panelist will be combat veteran and former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher.   Now Professor Fletcher, he teaches classes in the UCSD department of political science, as well as mentoring and advising students and helping to develop public policy projects.  He is also a member of the National Advisory Board of the Truman National Security Project.  He is a delegate of the California Democratic Party and has been active in supporting Democratic candidates and causes such as efforts to raise the minimum wage. He also remains involved in efforts to ensure implementation of Chelsea’s Law. Board.  

LMFDC Meeting Wednesday, August 3 at the La Mesa Community Center, 4975 Memorial Drive, La Mesa. We begin with a Social Time with lite refreshments at 6:30 pm. The Business Meeting begins at 7:00 pm. Look for more information in the La Mesa and Mission Trails Courier papers and in your August Issue of The Progressive Voice.

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