Join us Wednesday to discuss reversing California’s Affirmative Action ban

Democratic lawmakers are looking to bring Affirmative Action back to California, 24 years after it was banned. Join the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club Wednesday evening as we talk with two leaders in the drive to bring back Affirmative Action: California Assembly members Shirley Weber and Lorena Gonzalez, both from San Diego.

Mss. Weber and Gonzales are both sponsors of ACA-5, which overturns Proposition 209, the Affirmative Action that passed California in 1996 with a whopping 9 percentage points.

Also joining us on our panel discussion is Bud Mehan, Professor emeritus and founder of UCSD’s Create, which established the Preuss School as a workaround to 209. Additionally, we’ll have Ric Epps, a Political Science professor who’s retired from SDSU and current Department Chair of Political Science at Imperial Valley College. Professor Epps was program director in UCLA’s Academic Advancement Program (AAP), which provides assistance to underrepresented students.

The panel will be moderated by our own Professor Emeritus Carol Perkins, Professor Emeritus.

As always the Zoom meeting starts 7 pm, after 30 minutes of social time starting at 6:30 pm, followed by spirited pitches from local candidates for office.
Email for password.

Also: Got a few minutes and a phone? Please make a few phone calls to battleground states this week.

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