Watch the video of our February meeting featuring Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (D-San Diego) and epidemiologist Rebecca Fielding-Miller

February’s general meeting of the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club, featuring Congresswoman Sara Jacobs (D-San Diego) and epidemiologist Rebecca Fielding-Miller, was one of our best ever.

Congresswoman Jacobs talked about her experience as the subject of the violent Capitol insurrection Jan. 6, as well as her leadership in holding the insurrectionists and Republican Congressional accomplices, accountable. She also talked about COVID and economic relief.

Dr. Fielding-Miller discussed COVID, of course. Of particular interest was her discussion of best practices for masking, and what to do with your anti-masking conspiracy-minded friends, family and neighbors. (Short version: Listen. Yelling at somebody and calling them idiots changes zero minds.)

Missed the meeting? Watch it on YouTube:

What made this such a great meeting? Our speakers were great, sure, but your participation is what made the difference. There was a constant stream of great questions coming from the audience, one after the other. I had prepared my own list of questions but I quickly just threw those aside and let you guys run things. As I said at the end of the meeting: I was as proud of our club that day as I have ever been, and it’s because of all of you.

Don’t miss our next meeting, March 3, which will feature a forum for Democratic candidates for the 79th District seat vacated by Shirley Weber when she became Secretary of State recently. Business starts at 7 pm, with informal social discussion starting at 6:30 pm. Join us on Zoom.

Meeting link:

Going forward we’re going to be using the same link for general meetings, which are on the first Wednesday of the month, same time. Just drop that on your calendars and you’re good to go.

Now here’s your chance: The La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club board has open positions for a VP Programming, Secretary and Treasurer. If you’re interested in joining our motley crew, reply to this email.

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