Join us for our June 2 meeting on racism, climate change, and other threats

Join us for our next meeting, Wednesday June 2 at 7 pm where we’ll hear from experts talking about racism, extremism, and climate change, both here in San Diego and worldwide.

We’ll hear from Judy Ki,

We’ll hear from Judy Ki, educator and policy expert, recently appointed by Mayor Todd Gloria to the Asian-Pacific Islander Advisory Group. She’ll talk about “The Intersectionality of Racism and Misogyny.” We’ll also hear from Matthew Brown, Associate Director of Law Enforcement Initiatives and Community Security for the Anti-Defamation League.

Then the Sierra Club San Diego’s Peter Anderson will speak about the threat of climate change — globally, nationally, and right here in San Diego — and what we can and should be doing to mitigate the danger. San Diegans will see more frequent, intense, and prolonged heat waves and decreased air quality; dwindling freshwater supplies and increased water costs; more frequent and intense wildfires and storms; potential electrical disruptions; and rising sea levels. Peter will talk with us about what we can expect, and what we can do.

The meeting starts at 7 pm Wednesday, June 2, on Zoom. Join us early, at 6:30 pm, for unstructured conversation.

Here’s the Zoom URL.

2021 is an important election year

Dr. Akilah Weber’s recent election to the California State Assembly was a great day for San Diego Democrats — but it opened the door to a dangerous future. Dr. Weber was an important Democratic voice on the La Mesa City Council, and the city will hold a special election to fill her seat.

What’s at stake is the Democratic majority on the La Mesa City Council. If we lose here, Republicans get a foothold to try to reclaim dominance in San Diego, California, and national politics. We lose our seat on SANDAG, now filled by La Mesa City Council Member Jack Shu, who’s doing a great job, and we lose on other appointments and policy issues.

We’ve already seen several Democratic candidates announce for that La Mesa City Council seat, presenting a danger of diluting the Democratic vote and handing that seat over to the Republicans. That can’t happen. San Diego Democrats need to unite behind a single candidate for the La Mesa City Council seat. Other candidates need to drop out of the race — but not drop out of sight. We need plenty of Democrats to run for other local offices, with the full support of the party.

Also at stake this year is the California gubernatorial recall election. Governor Newsom is looking good now, with the state coming out of lockdown, COVID in defeat, and the economy roaring back. But all that could change. This year is looking like a hard fire season, with possibilities of broad blackouts, and Gov. Newsom would be blamed.. Special elections have very low turnout, with recent polls showing that Republicans, who vote in special elections more than Democrats, favor recall.

Democrats barely won in 2020. Polling data shows that we’re losing working people to Republicans, despite the GOP being a party that hates them.

We need to fight to keep the gains we made in 2020, and push harder — or lose San Diego, California, and America, to the party of Trump, Qanon, and insurrection.

Stop the Cottonwood Sand Mine

Our fight continues to stop the Cottonwood Golf Club in Rancho San Diego from becoming a 214 acre open-pit sand mine in the Sweetwater River. A resolution has been passed and supported by the San Diego County Democratic Party as well as other local Democratic Clubs and Caucus groups to oppose this project. The resolution will be taken to all County Board of Supervisors in the next month and we ask the La Mesa Foothills Democratic Club to join in supporting this resolution. We’ll take a vote on that at the June 2 meeting. Come to our meeting and vote then.

Visit for more information and to find out how you can keep Informed. And read the resolution opposing the mine.

That’s quite an agenda! We’ll see you 7 pm Wednesday, June 2, on Zoom. Join us early, at 6:30 pm, for unstructured conversation.

Here’s that Zoom URL again.

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