August general meeting: Stop the recall—Protect yourself against senior scams

Join us for our next general meeting, Wednesday, Aug. 4, to hear about what you can do to stop the Republican campaign to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, as well as learn about how you can protect yourself against scammers who prey on seniors.

We’ll hear from Ryan Hurd, executive director of the San Diego Democratic Party, to learn what the party is doing to keep Gov. Newsom in office, and how you can—and should—help.

The recall is unpopular, but the unfair nature of this election means it’s going to be tough to defeat the recall anyway. The Republican backers of the recall are taking a leaf from the national playbook; they can’t win fair elections so they find loopholes in the law and exploit those cheat codes. But we can stop them. Find out how.

And we’ll also hear from a couple of experts on how confidence artists rip off older Americans, and what you can do to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Our speakers are Kevin Durawa, of the California Contractors State License Board, and Jackie Wiley, from the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation. Scammers claim to be building contractors, or the IRS, they promise too-good-to-be-true deals or make dire threats of criminal prosecution. Find out what you can do.

Join us on Zoom Wednesday, Aug. 4. Programming starts at 7 pm, with unstructured conversation starting 6:30 pm. Zoom link.

Hopefully this will be our last Zoom meeting—we’re planning a triumphant return to regular meetings at the La Mesa Community Center, 4975 Community Drive, La Mesa, Wednesday, Sept. 1. Mark your calendars!

ALSO: Here’s what you can do starting now to stop the recall:

Even though California is strongly Democratic, we cannot be complacent about the recall. Republicans are strongly in favor of it; Dems seem less motivated. Unless the NO vote on the recall is over 50%, the Republican with the most votes will become Governor.

You can help contacting voters via phone banking, texting or canvassing on Days of Action in selected areas. You can also create your own initiatives such as tabling at community events, having a house party, calling friends, etc.

Phone banking: Thursday nights from 6-8 pm. Sign up at

Texting: Sign up at

Canvassing et al: Check on for links, talking points, handouts etc.

Your own initiatives: Email The Party can help with promotion and materials.

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