Celebrate Democratic achievements with Dr. Shirley Weber, Lorena Gonzalez, and Colin Parent

Join us for our next general meeting Wednesday, June 1, when we’ll hear from three Democratic Party leaders about Democratic Party accomplishments we can all be proud of.

  • Dr. Shirley Weber, who is California Secretary of State and former State Assembly Member representing San Diego. La Mesa’s own Dr. Weber has been a champion of racial equity and she’s now fighting to protect voter integrity in California and nationwide.
  • Lorena Gonzalez of San Diego, former State Assembly Member and incoming Executive Secretary Treasurer of the California Labor Federation, one of the most powerful labor organizations in the country. Gonzales is a longtime advocate for labor rights.
  • And La Mesa City Council Member Colin Parent, who has worked tirelessly to make our local community better.

The moderator will be club board member Matt Strabone, who’s running for Treasurer in La Mesa.

Democrats are the party that cares about affordable housing, equal rights, healthcare, education, and more—let’s find out more together about what we’ve been doing about those things.

Join us Wednesday, June 1, at the La Mesa Community Center, 4975 Memorial Drive, at 7 pm, or come a half-hour early for informal conversation with fellow Democrats.

Also at the meeting: We plan to vote on endorsing several local candidates. And we’re inviting you to join us to march in the La Mesa Flag Day Parade, June 4. Find out more here.

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