Club Founder’s 96 Birthday

Beverly on her 96th


 Never a woman to waste any time, I found Beverly eating her breakfast (fruit in oatmeal), reading the LA Times and/or NY Times, and watching MSNBC. At 96 I hope I am able to do the same!

The la Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club was founded 32 years ago by a progressive couple, Beverly and Claude Cassirer, who lived in very red and conservative La Mesa. Against all odds, the club they started not only survived, but thrived and has grown to become one of the biggest and most active Democratic Club in San Diego County. Sadly, we lost Claude some years ago; however, Beverly is still going strong and is 96 years old today!

 Beverly’s words of wisdom:

“All members of the La Mesa Democratic Club should get out and vote and make sure that at least one other Democrat goes to vote”. Use the “ripple effect” she says.




Author: californiacrone

LMFDC President

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