Join the club board!

It’s time for you – yes you – to join the board of the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club!

The La-Mesa Foothills Democratic Club will be conducting the yearly Election of Officers and Board Members on Wednesday, January 6, 2021. That’s at our regular meeting, on Zoom, which starts with unstructured social conversation at 6:30 pm, club business at 7 pm. We’re doing a lot more than holding club elections that night – we’ve got a great program lined up – so mark your calendars! 

But for now we’re talking about the elections, and why you should sign up to run for a board seat. 
LMFDC is one of the largest and most active Democratic Clubs in San Diego County, and was awarded Club of the Year 3 times, most recently in 2016. The election is your opportunity to join and help shape the future this dynamic club! 
The Club is accepting nominations for Officers and Board Members at Large. Please fill out the attached form and submit to

Roles of Officers & Board Members 
President:  Role
The President is responsible for the overall direction of the Club’s activities and effective management of the board. The President’s presides at all General and board meetings, and is the Club’s spokesperson. (additional responsibilities listed in Club Manual)
VP Laws and Legislation:  Role
The Vice President for Laws and Legislation is responsible for keeping members informed of issues, laws and legislation affecting the general membership.  

  • Stay current on new laws as they are enacted. 
  • Provide quarterly or bi-annually Issues and Action report to the General Membership 
  • Work with the President to identify laws and issues of focus for the report to the Membership. 
  • Identify action items for issues needing active Club engagement and support. 

VP for Membership:  Role
The Vice-President for Membership is responsible for membership development and maintenance of membership records. 

  • Maintain the Club Roster up to date
    • Add new members 
    • Update demographic details of existing members (e.g.:  address changes, renewal status, membership level, etc.)
    • Email monthly updated roster to the President 
  • Create monthly Membership Report for the board meeting.
    •  Email to the President after the General Meeting
  • Create monthly New Members & Guests Report 
    • Email to the President and to Newsletter Editor
  • Create and mail Welcome Letters for new members.
  • Annually create and mail Renewal Reminder Letters to lapsed members.  

Present Vice President – Political Action: Role

The Vice President for Political Action is responsible for promoting and coordinating outreach, grassroots organizing and support of community-wide activities in furtherance of the goals of the Democratic Party. 


  • Maintain the Club’s efforts to have a campaign engine by overseeing ten week field and phone-banking campaigns in election years for the primary and general election.
  • Facilitating candidate recruitment with political and non-political organizations (e.g. labor unions
  • Recruit and help elect candidates for the City of La Mesa for the Office of the Mayor, City Council, Clerk, and Treasurer; to the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College Board of Trustees; Grossmont Union School District Board; La Mesa-Spring Valley School Board; Helix Water Board; and Grossmont Health Board.  
  • Develop and maintain relationships with staff & officers at the SDCDP, CDP, political groups, non-political groups, various elected offices to identify and support candidates.
  • As necessary, assist the President with the endorsement process. 

Vice President – Programming: Role

The Vice President for Programming is responsible for working with the Board to identify programming topics for the General meetings. 


  • Working with the President, develop program theme for the year.
  • Develop program ideas and also seek program ideas from the Board.
  • Identify and recruit speakers for the monthly General meetings. 
  • Maintain communication copied to the President with all speakers. 
  • This allows the President to be current on program status, and also have e-mail address for thank you letters.
  • Write monthly program article for the Mission Times Courier and La Mesa Courier by the end of the first week of each month. 
  • Review three month program plan at each board meeting. 
  • Meet with the La Mesa Community Center to finalize meeting room set-up and AV needs. 
  • Bring projector and associated items to the General Meeting. 
  • Greet speakers and introduced them to the President at the General meeting. 

Treasurer: Role
The Treasurer along with the President all the official signatories of the Club’s bank account and named individuals on all related tax documents. The Treasurer controls and maintains the Club’s budget, bank account, monetary collection and disbursement. The Treasurer should do his/her best to see that everything is done meticulously to maintain the integrity of the Treasurer’s office and accounting. 


  • After Club Election Meeting, facilitate transfer of Treasurer and President to bank account and associated online accounts (PayPal). 
  • Prepare the Club annual budget at the January board meeting. 
  • Ensure all budgetary goals are met and adhere to the budget. 
  • Collect member dues in coordination with the Vice President – Membership 
  • Maintain accurate financial records throughout the year to be reviewed at any time by members and board officers. 
  • Transact business through the Club’s bank including deposit of funds.
  • Provide monthly Treasurer’s report for the board meeting and General Meeting. (same report)
  • File appropriate tax forms with the San Diego County Registrar of Voters (bi-annually).
  • Pay fees associated with the California Secretary of State
  • Pay fees associated with the California Democratic Party
  • Disburse funds and pay bills promptly as approved by the Board.
  • Reconcile bank statements.

Secretary: Role
The Secretary shall act as secretary at all General and board meetings and keep a record of the proceedings of such meetings. 


  • Prepare and Submit General Meeting Minutes Monthly
  • Prepare and Submit Executive Board Meeting Minutes Monthly
  • At the General Meetings post the approved Board and General Meeting Minutes, Treasurer’s Report, Membership Report and current Agenda 

Roles of Board Members at Large

Events Chair:  Role
The Events Chair facilitates the Club’s participation in various events. 


  • Two months prior to an event  identify the Club’s theme for the event by working with the Board 
  • Two months prior identify volunteers needed
  • Three to two months prior identify any registration requirements and fees, and work with the Board to have the fees approved for payment. 
  • Work with other organizations as needed to participate in an event
  • Invite elected officials and candidates to the events

GO-Team Chair:  Role
The GO Team Chair is a SDCDP GO Team trained and represent the Club’s GO Team. 


  • Participate in SDCDP GO Team trainings. 
  • Coordinate with the SDCDP GO Team activities.
  • During election years, speak at the General meetings about GO Team to encourage member participation 
  • Serve as a GO Team liaison for GO Team neighborhood leaders and community coordinators. 

Voter Registration Chair:  Role
The Voter Registration Chair leads the Club’s participation in County voter registration events. 


  • Facilitate voter registration in the communities of La Mesa, Mt. Helix, San Carlos, Allied Gardens, Del Cerro, and the SDSU area
  • Past voter registration events have been held at Grossmont Center, La Mesa Vons Shopping Center, Cuyamaca College
  • Attend monthly naturalization ceremony at Civic Center in downtown San Diego and register new citizens to vote democratic. 
  • Coordinate volunteers for voter registration events. 
  • As necessary work with the Vice President – Volunteer Coordinator

Marketing Chair:  Role
The Marketing Chair is responsible for publicizing all Club board approved business after approved by the President. 


  • Review SDCDP, CDP, elected officials, candidates, and communities we serve websites and social media for events and action items to be shared during the Club’s weekly announcements sent. 
  • Use MailChimp to send out the weekly announcement e-blast
  • Create PowerPoints and handouts for general meetings
  • Announcements
  • Plays during the social ½ hour
  • Program using information from the Board meeting and monthly article
  • Plays at the beginning of the program
  • Send to the President at time set by the President for final approval
  • Coordinate proofing with Social Media Coordinator
  • Create monthly Announcement One Pager hand out for member tables at the General meeting handout for member tables
    • Mirrors Announcement PowerPoint
    • Coordinate printing and deliver to meeting

Communications-Social Media Chair:  Role
The Communications – Social Media Chair promotes Club activities on all social media and internet channels to retain and increase membership and encourage member engagement to help elect democratic candidates and promote progressive democratic policies. 

  • Facilitate Facebook Live at the General Meetings
  • To ensure “live” attendance at the General Meeting promotion of Facebook Live should be done the day of the General Meeting approximately 6:00 p.m.
  • Collaborates with the Marketing, Website and Newsletter chairs for content on social media and internet channels including but not limited to Facebook, and Twitter. 
  • Update Facebook and Twitter with Club events
  • Update Facebook and Twitter with political news of interest to the membership
  • Promote Club endorsed candidates on Facebook and Twitter
  • Forward any questions or concerns received from members on Facebook or Twitter to the President

Website Chair:  Role
The role of the Website Chair is to maintain the Club’s website up-to-date. 

  • Ensure payment transfer every June to the new President
  • Update all pages on the website
  • Collaborates with the Marketing, Communication – Social Media and Newsletter Editor for website content. 
  • Promote Club endorsed candidates on the website

Officers and Board Member at Large Positions
President:  Tina Rynberg*
VP Laws and Legislation:  Sean Quintal*
VP for Membership:  Katie Sigeti*
VP for Political Action:  Chris Pearson*
VP for Programming:  Open
Secretary:  Open (Tracey Magnusun to run for board member at large)
Treasurer:  Open (Pat Welty is resigning)
*Incumbent running for re-election
Board Member at Large-7 seats
Mitch Wagner:  Communications/Social Media*
Evelyn Andrade*
Sharon Cox*
Merrill Perry*
*incumbent running for re-election

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