Meeting Wednesday, with Fletcher, Campbell & more – run for the board – Help Turn Georgia Blue! – vote in state party elections

We’re ready to kick off the New Year with our first general meeting, Wednesday, Jan. 6, at 7 pm – that’s this Wednesday – when we’ll look ahead for the new year in the county and city of San Diego. We’re talking with two of the county’s leading Democrats: San Diego County Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, and San Diego City Council President Jennifer Campbell.

It’s a new year – and a new era. After literally decades of work, we’ve finally made San Diego into a Democrat-majority city and county. So now what? How will a Democratic-led government handle issues including housing, homelessness, transit and more – while first taming the Covid-19 monster? Find out from Fletcher and Campbell, two of the people who will be leading the charge into the new era.

Here’s the Zoom link.

Meeting starts at 7 pm, but come early for unstructured conversation at 6:30 pm.

Also on the agenda: We’ll take a few minutes at the start of the meeting to elect the La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club board for 2021. This club is not a spectator sport – you can – and should! – join the board. Find out more here: Run for the La Mesa Democratic Club board!.

And we have a couple of other guests, friends of the club we’re delighted to have join us for the new year. We’re not telling you now because, well, we like surprises.

But wait there’s more: We need your help to turn Georgia, and the US Senate, Blue. (And by “we” we mean “the United States”). That election is Tuesday – you can help by phone-banking. Find out more here: Help Georgia Democrats Flip the Senate

Represent your community to the state Democratic Party: Jan. 11 is the deadline to register to vote for representatives to the California Assembly District Electoral Meetings (ADEMs), who work with the state Central Committee to set the direction for the party statewide. Register here.. Find your AD Candidates here: Assembly Districts and find your Assembly District here

Candidates in the 71st Assembly District include a slate of Pragmatic Progressives:

Self-identified Females:

  1. Estela De Los Rios, executive director, non-profit housing agency (CSA)
  2. Wadad Dubbelday, Ph.D., Electrical Engineer, engineering management
  3. Josan Feathers, California civil engineer, planning board
  4. Monica Hinton, Ph.D., Psychology, insurance psychologist
  5. Linda Nickerson, title professional
  6. Suzanne Till, Ph.D., Water Resources Geography, teacher, water board member
  7. Andrea McNew, project engineer, field organizer forAmmar Campa-Najjar

Other than self-identified females:

  1. Zach Bunshaft, staff member for federal and state elected officials
  2. Robert Grand, film industry executive, Directors’ Guild of America
  3. J. Eric Hereford, staff member for state elected officials
  4. Chris Pearson, J.D., staff member for elected official, Teamster
  5. Richard Young, Ph.D., Economics, head of business alliance
  6. Oday Yousif, Jr., J.D., attorney in waiting, planning board member

Candidates in the 79th include:

  1. Akilah Weber, La Mesa City Council Member ;
  2. Mark Gracyk, member of the Board of Directors, Helix Water District
  3. Cheryl Robertson, feminist educator
  4. Mitch Wagner, VP communications, La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club

(Hmmmm… that last name seems familiar… )

That’s all for today. In review: Come to the meeting Wednesday evening, phone-bank to help turn Georgia Blue, and vote in the ADEMs.

See you Wednesday. May your 2021 be entirely precedented.

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