Trouble receiving our email newsletter?

We’re hearing from several members who are having trouble receiving our email newsletter. Here’s how to stay on top of what the club is up to:

First off, add to your email address book. That will let your mail software know the message isn’t spam.

Try subscribing from a different address, if you have one.

Also, all the updates in these mailblasts also get posted to a few other places on the Internet:

And please, if you’re active on Facebook, join our new Facebook Group: La Mesa-Foothills Democratic Club. Anyone can join and post to that group – that means you! – but posts must be approved by the moderators.

Why do we have both a Facebook Page and Group? Well, Groups seem to be more visible than Pages, and more suited to updates and discussion. Other than that, like a lot of things on Facebook, it really makes no sense, so just go with it.

We’re also thinking about starting a subreddit, because that seems to be a good way to reach people. Your VP Communications loves Reddit.

Author: Mitch

Just another monkey with a phone.

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